Free local delivery!

We are offering free delivery and carry out to Gulf Breeze and Navarre! These do not need to be fired when painted with acrylic paint. We’ll be happy to take your order and payment over the phone! These can take a long time to paint!! Make sure to cap your paint when you need a break and pick up where you left off later! 8 color acrylic kits with brushes are $2. Call us at (850)736-7018 to order! 


A great at home activity!

  • Mugs and Plates

    Mugs and Plates

    If you want a mug or plate we will need to glaze it and fire it in our kiln to make it food safe. Any of our items can be glazed and fired including figurines, jewelry boxes and piggy banks. Just call the studio and choose your colors! Glaze kits are $5 for 5 colors. When your done glazing it, return it to the studio to be fired. (Firing takes 7-14 days. We’ll call you when it’s done.) 


Choose Your Acrylic Colors!

Pick your colors and tell us your choices over the phone when ordering! We have metallic and glitter paints too! These colors are acrylic and are NOT fired!

Birthday Parties!

We have 2 types of parties. Both have a $30 non-refundable reservation deposit. With all parties, food and drink are welcome. 

Our 1st option is a Ceramic Painting Party. Included is a super fun custom picked piece to paint. All materials are included. This choice is perfect for all ages. All of our glazes are non-toxic, and food safe. Kids have a BLAST painting their party buddies! This party is for 2 hours, and includes our private entrance and parking. The price is the same as painting in the studio ($5 per painter for glaze and kiln firing plus the price of the ceramic item). Average price is $15-$20 per painter. Party room capacity is 14 painters. There is a $30 non-refundable reservation fee due at time of booking to hold your spot on the calendar.

Our 2nd option is a Black Light Painting Party. This is our newest option. This includes seating for up to 12 painters.  All supplies are included.  With black light paint, canvas, brushes, and a personal art instructor this party is guaranteed to be a truly unique experience! Be sure to wear tons of white or bright clothes, and bring glow sticks to make the room even more fun.  This party price is $250 plus a $30 non-refundable reservation fee.

You may come 30 minutes early and set up decorations. Feel free to stop by and check out our Party Buddies. Call (850)736-7018 to make your reservation.

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