Welcome to Sunny Days Family Art Studio

We are super excited to be a part of the South Santa Rosa community. As a resident we have had the honor of benefiting from local small businesses for years. Now, its our time to give back and we are over joyed to bring a family friendly art studio to the area. Being able to help young families grow together is a point of pride for us because it’s this great community that has built our family over the years. Because of the wonderful preschool teachers, our children were more than ready for school. And because of our wonderful public-school system they continue to thrive in their academics. Thanks to groups like MOPS, and MOMS I was able to make friends that helped me through the hardest parts of parenthood, and still help me everyday with their love and support.  As we started our business, we found even more amazing people to love. From our always sparkling lawyer Kerri Anne Schultz at Fountain Schultz & Associates, super stellar sign guy Adam at Voodoo Graphics, to our website designed by DitiBit Solutions owner Shawn Pinkston. The most amazing part, and also difficult part, of our journey thus far was finding a studio space. After a long 6-month journey we are elated to be at 4327 Gulf Breeze Parkway. Our tiny blue building has been molded and shaped into a perfect studio space where people of all ages can experience art. It’s by sheer coincidence that our art studio landlord’s name is ART Ayers. The Lord works in mysterious ways and our journey has certainly shown us that it’s important to go with the flow and let the paint dry along the way. Our first official day of operations is May 1st, but that’s just the beginning of what we hope will be years of being a business in what we feel is the Best Place in the World.